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Tova Feinberg began the VertiGreens journey during the 1st year of the MBA at Washington University in St Louis in early 2021. For her, food is not just human fuel, it creates memories, expresses cultures, and builds community. It is important to understand where your food comes from, and to produce it in a sustainable way. 

 Tova has worked in the food & beverage industry for 14 years, making people feel happy through their stomachs. Now, she is ready to disrupt the ever-evolving food supply chain to enhance the culinary experience.

Tova Feinberg

Tova Feinberg, Founder

Jennifer El Thomas
El has been actively farming for 9 years throughout the greater St Louis. Through various mediums implemented with growing in soil outdoors and indoor hydroponics, her focus continues in sustainable cultivation practices to better serve the community with healthy food.

Elisa "El" Thomas, Farmer

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