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A Man Preparing a Salad

We want chefs to cook what they want, not create dishes based on what's available.

Today's food scene is influenced by new complex flavors, chef-driven menus, and overall dining experiences. Inspiration comes from all around the world to our plates. However, its extremely difficult to source high-quality ingredients. They lack flavor and color, are exposed to chemicals, and are harvested before they are ripe in order to make the long journey to the end consumer. 

Chefs create dishes based on what's available, but imagine they can cook anything they want because they have access to the ingredients that are hard to source. At VertiGreens, our mission is to support chefs' culinary dreams and turn them into reality. 

Why Hydroponics?

We use vertical hydroponic technology so we can grow consistently year-round in the heart of St. Louis!

No Chemicals

There is no need to use any herbicides, pesticides, or any other harmful chemicals

No herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, nor any harmful chemicals used on our products

Minimal Water Usage

One farm uses only 5 gallons of water a day

only 5 gallons of water used a day

Container Farms Save Space

These farm units use 97% less space than traditional farms. One 325 sqft. container is equivalent to 2.6 acres of land.  

Arrival of our first farm
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